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Consulting Services

The PCA careers help Padel Club and Padel Professionals find greatness.


We guide Padel Clubs in hiring Padel Professionals from a Director of Padel or Padel Professional who will lead their program to excellence.

We provide career coaching to Padel  Professionals and Padel Club Managers, on how to identify and take the required actions required to achieve success.

We deliver the Certified Padel Sports Education Program (CPSEP) to prepare Padel Professionals to manage their clubs more professionally, confidently, and effectively.

We help clubs define expectations and assess leadership needs.


We provide guidance and support with the professional development of senior management and manage executive search services across the club’s professional leadership spectrum.

Success is about expectations, preparation, and execution.

Julian Wortelboer

PCA offers a variety of Padel facility consulting & review services for clubs and their staff to assist in all areas of Padel programs.

Clubs will benefit from facility assessments and program evaluations to ensure they have the most innovative, comprehensive racquet programs in the industry.

For the professional staff, PCA offers career counseling, team-building programs, creative teaching platforms, and customer service training to ensure that a 5-star experience is achieved at their facility.

The experience of our Padel team members is unparalleled in the industry and will help propel your club and its staff to higher ratings and member satisfaction levels.


Padel Club Consulting

We offer guidance on the structure of your new professional’s employment agreement and the development of a competitive and attractive compensation package. Armed with an understanding of your expectations and your club’s culture, we develop an engaging and detailed profile of the position which we design to introduce your club and the position to the best professionals in the industry.


Padel Professionals Consulting

As Coaches, we know everyone can benefit from counsel, encouragement, and objective advice. Wherever you might be in your career journey, career coaching can help you to assess, reflect, and plan. Discover how to look forward with a fresh perspective and purpose. Become energized and refocused as you take action towards achieving your goals.


Career Coaching Services

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