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Mision Statement

It is our mission to educate, certify, and serve coaches and clubs so that the sport we love can continue to grow and evolve around the world.


We want to make being a great coach easier. Whether it’s providing you the certifications that will get you taken seriously at clubs, schools, and academies, educating you on the latest coaching methods that will take your students’ game to the next level, or connecting you with like-minded coaches around the world, we are here to support you!

Our Purpose

The purpose and main objective of the PCA is to elevate the standards of padel-teaching professionals, Padel clubs and coaches.

Julian Wortelboer

Vision Statement

The PCA is the world's leading trade association of padel-teaching professionals, padel clubs and coaches, viewed and highly respected as an organization of knowledgeable experts and specialists, industry innovators, and as an indispensable business partner.


The PCA delivers the highest level of educational tools and programs that enhance the livelihoods of its members, create career opportunities, help padel clubs, and promote the sport of padel worldwide.

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